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Welcome to Sabe Applied Science

Sabe® Applied Science is a framework set within Sabe Technology to support the development of spin-off applications derived from our technology and expertise in thermal and fluid dynamics.

The products developed within this division will likely have thermal and fluid requirements, but with the overall application usage and possible commercialization being outside the scope of Sabe Fluid Dynamics.

If you’d like to discuss our approach or have a project in mind, please contact us.

How we work

We use our expertise and tools to research and develop applications. We have an extensive network of collaborations and partnerships with companies specialised in different fields than ours, allowing us to tackle multi-disciplinary engineering and design projects.

We are currently working on research and development for two internal projects. Please see more information in the case studies section.

Have an idea for a product?

We would love to hear more and discuss your requirements.

Case Studies

Our case studies illustrate how we are using our technology and expertise in thermal and fluid dynamics to develop solutions for our daily living.

Please take a look at the case studies below to see how we can help you do develop your idea!

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