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The benefits of moving from on-premise hardware to cloud-based computing are dramatic, but the transition costs and complexity can be daunting.

Sabe has developed its own software Torpenhow to generate an affordable and integrated cloud platform for high-performance computing (HPC) workflows.

What is Torpenhow?

Torpenhow is an enabling technology which simplifies your use of the cloud for high-performance computing applications. It provides a user-friendly interface between the user and their own Azure subscription.

Torpenhow comprises of three fully integrated applications which allow users to run the entire simulation workflow on the cloud, minimising the need for uploading/downloading large files. It represents everything you need for cloud-based simulation.

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What are the benefits for adopting Torpenhow?

  • Streamlined workflow: fully integrated components means you can interact with your simulations on the cloud, removing the need to download or upload large files.
  • Reduced costs: because you use your own MS Azure subscription, you benefit directly from Microsoft’s prices.
  • Process integration: integrate your existent workflow to Torpenhow through its API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Long-term storage: different tiers and redundancy levels enables robust long-term planning for your data storage at affordable prices.
  • Subscription holidays: if you have irregular workloads we offer reduced cost subscription holidays when you don’t need Torpenhow.
  • Control: since you use your own MS Azure subscription, you have full control of your data, budgeting and resource planning.


When will Torpenhow be available?

Sabe has Torpenhow’s technology fully operational. We are updating the interface for market release in August 2021, see below a preview of the front-end development:

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