Our Philosophy

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to become a reference in the field of fluid dynamics, operating with objectivity, establishing long-term, fair and constructive relationships with our suppliers, collaborators, and customers.

Our activities should always respect the company’s core values. The reputation and profitability should be a consequence and not a driver.

Our Core Values

Good Health and Well-Being: People involved with our activities should be encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle and to achieve a state of physical and mental well-being.

Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect: Relationships across the business must be fair, the workplace must be diverse and inclusive, the company must be respectful of its people’s individual circumstances.

Equality: We must strive to reduce inequalities, particularly related to gender, race, and class.

Community: We must strive to create a positive impact in our local community, choosing to trade locally when possible, supporting young professionals, and developing other activities to help empower the local people and local businesses.

Long-Term Relationships: We strongly believe in the benefits of long-term relationships with our suppliers, collaborators, and customers, allowing all involved to grow together robustly.

Mental Stimulation and Creativity: We must strive to create an environment in which our collaborators can feel mentally stimulated and have the space to produce original, unusual, and imaginative ideas.

Environment: The business should minimize and neutralise its impact on the environment. This will include clean energy usage, sustainable material sources, reducing the need for travel and using low carbon transport, waste reduction, minimizing the carbon footprint, and offsetting when required.

Our Sustainability Plan

We have adopted the One Planet Living® framework to develop a sustainable business. This framework comprises ten principles (below), detailed goals, and guidance. The implementation of Sabe’s sustainability plan is a continuous process, we are committed to reviewing and updating our plan frequently. We expect this approach to result in a series of incremental commitments which are fit for purpose at each stage of the business development.

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