Sebring USA

This week Sabe is in Sebring, USA, supporting the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) and FIA World Endurance Championship on the activities around the first race of the FIA WEC Championship. We are very excited about this new generation of hypercars and the...

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Automobile Club de l’Ouest Collaboration

We are pleased to announce that Sabe is now working with the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), supporting their aerodynamic-related activities for the FIA World Endurance Championship. The ACO is a 200-strong multi-talented workforce organising world-class sporting...

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Aerodynamic Correlation Analysis

In our last article, we discussed how the aerodynamic performance of a race car is analysed based on the various sources of on-track data and the driver's feedback. Today, we will discuss the correlation between track and predictive tools. For the purpose of this...

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John Iley joined Sabe as a Non-Executive Director

Sabe is very excited to announce that John Iley has joined Sabe as a Non-Executive Director. John’s 32 years of experience in motorsport aerodynamics is too extensive to fit in one post. He even has his own Wikipedia page! Amongst many other things, John has been Head...

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Aerodynamic Performance Analysis

So far, in the series of articles, we discussed the fundamentals of a fast race car from the aerodynamics perspective and the various methods used to predict and develop its performance. This article will discuss how the race car's aerodynamic performance on the track...

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STC Annual Conference

Yesterday Sabe attended the Silverstone Technology Cluster Annual Conference. It was great to learn, network and listen to inspiring speakers sharing great insights and novel ideas. We look forward to attending more of the events in the future....

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Data Organisation

The implementation of robust processes for data organisation and management is a task often overlooked within engineering applications, but it can unlock productivity gains from several different sources: Collaboration Having a single data source allows groups to...

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Many racing car systems require some thermal management. The two most commonly discussed are the power unit and brakes; however, many other smaller sub-components can also require some level of intervention. Those include electronic circuits, hydraulic lines and even...

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SETsquared Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Sabe has recently joined the SETsquared Partnership programme - a world-leading business incubator. We are excited about this new prospect and look forward to future collaborations. SETsquared is a unique enterprise partnership and a...

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