Upcoming series: Aerodynamics Development in Motorsport

Our team at Sabe have many years of experience working with the various aspects of aerodynamics development in motorsports. Next week we will be launching a series of regular articles on this theme; we will discuss what makes a racing car fast from an aerodynamics...

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SS Great Britain Collaboration

Sabe visited the SS Great Britain at her dry-dock in Bristol, alongside the University of Bristol as a part of a collaborative volunteer project. The ship was designed and built in the early part of the 1800s and was the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic Ocean...

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Inside Silverstone Podcast

Listen to Gerson Garsed-Brand, our Managing Director, talking to Chris Broome when back in 2020 Inside Silverstone Podcast invited him for an interview. He is talking about the beginnings of Sabe, opening a consultancy business, Formula One, high-performance boats and...

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Case Study: Air Purification in a Room

Room ventilation and air purification became a hot topic in recent years due, in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic. Air purifiers can remove small particles and kill airborne viruses and bacteria, significantly improving the air quality within environments with poor...

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