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Our team has worked for many years developing high-end products and applications within the fields of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. Our experience includes Formula 1, America’s Cup and department management within automotive and energy sectors.

We understand the typical pains within the engineering development workflow, we provide services which help you minimise or completely eliminate them.

We believe that if you give great tools to a smart team, you will accomplish more.


Faster Turnaround

  • Sabe can develop software tools and automation scripts to reduce time spent doing repetitive tasks and reduce mistakes, allowing more time for your team to do analysis and concepts
  • For more complex simulations we can help you develop your own method, or run these simulations for you
  • Sabe constantly strive  to be at the forefront of new technologies and can help you roadmap and implement these advances, such as the use of AI in development
  • By outsourcing this to Sabe your team can continue delivering engineering progress while your department advances 

Same Team, More Power

  • Experience has taught us that sizing a team can be difficult due to variable demand
  • Allowing Sabe to support you means you won’t need to make changes to your team or hardware to hit your targets
  • We can offer surge capacity for high-performance computing, or pure people-power
  • Even if you do not have your own fluid dynamics department, Sabe can act as one on your behalf

Affordable and Integrated Cloud Computing

  • The benefits of moving from static hardware to cloud based computing are dramatic, but the costs and complexity can be daunting
  • Sabe has developed its own software Torpenhow to quickly generate affordable and integrated cloud platforms
  • Utilise Sabe’s own cluster with over 13000 cores to run your simulations, or subscribe to Torpenhow to build your own cloud platform

Your Company’s Fluid Dynamics Journey

  • Because Sabe has experience building teams from the ground up we can assist you building yours
  • If you are a start-up, or a company looking to build their first fluid dynamics department then Sabe can offer short-term support to get you running and implement long-term process and methods while building your team for you
  • With our joint backgrounds we have connections within high-end aerodynamics, thermal and turbomachinery to help find you the best people

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