OxCAM Engineering Arc

OxCAM Engineering Arc partners offer consultancy and support in a wide range of multidisciplinary engineering spheres, including fluid dynamics and stress analysis. We provide objective, cost-effective solutions to your engineering problems. We have contributed to the development of solutions to complex engineering problems using our expertise in engineering science and our decades of hands-on engineering consultancy.

The OxCAM Engineering Arc team provides expertise across a range of industries. Our experts are equally at home analyzing heat exchangers, medical devices, motor racing braking systems, and the girth welding in pipelines. We consider that our depth of experience allows us to confidently address problems of turbulent flow, the performance of arterial stents, and vibration in petrochemical facilities because we have a sufficient understanding of these and many other systems of materials, mechanisms, and processes. We are confident that our team and our wider network of support can address your engineering problems today.

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