Sabe Fluid Dynamics has developed its own cloud HPC platform and is now releasing it to the market. Torpenhow removes barriers for cloud HPC and allows you to streamline your simulation workflow. In this article, we will explore what Torpenhow is and how you can utilise it.

What is Torpenhow?

Torpenhow is a robust, integrated and low-cost single-cloud platform that connects you directly to your own Microsoft Azure subscription. It provides easy-to-use and integrated access to three key components of any simulation workflow: storage instances, virtual workstations and HPC clusters.

It encourages a “fully in the cloud” experience, with all the resource-intensive steps being done directly in the cloud, thus removing the need for the upload/download of large files, and enabling affordable long-term data storage in the cloud.

How can Torpenhow streamline my simulation workflow?

Because all the instances work alongside within the same data centre, we removed the need for the upload and download of large files.  The integration of the components means you can easily interact with your simulation workflow directly in the cloud, without the requirement for specific cloud or IT knowledge. Your engineers can focus on being engineers and on the development of your products or services.

Torpenhow operates through an API (Application Programming Interface). Therefore, in addition to the user-friendly interface, your workflow can be fully automated and integrated into other components of the company’s workflow. Examples could include database management or data analysis tools.

Since you will operate directly on your own Microsoft Azure subscription, you will benefit directly from Microsoft prices and you will be able to set out a long-term data storage strategy for your company. Torpenhow allows you to easily switch your instances from high-performance to archive tiers, making long-term cloud data storage much more affordable.  You will have full control of your data, budgeting and resource planning.

If you have irregular workloads, we offer reduced-cost subscription holidays when you don’t need Torpenhow.

“Torpenhow democratises the use of cloud HPC within Sabe, most of us can focus on being engineers and delivering the best possible outcome to our clients’ engineering challenges, without the need for deep knowledge in cloud systems or high-performance computing”,

– Gerson Garsed-Brand, Sabe’s Managing Director

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