We are pleased to announce the collaboration partnership OxCAM Engineering Arc, formed by the engineering consultancy companies Transforming Stress, FTS Engineering Answers and Sabe Fluid Dynamics.

OxCAM Engineering Arc partners offer consultancy and support in a wide range of multidisciplinary engineering spheres, including fluid dynamics and stress analysis, while always providing objective, cost-effective solutions to your engineering problems.

“The idea of forming OxCAM Engineering Arc developed as the three companies worked together and began to realise that an alliance would provide our customers with a considerable set of skills and experience that can be adapted to meet the project requirements of our customers”, said Simon Smith, Managing Director of Transforming Stress.

“Our partnership results in the aggregation of complementary skills and resources, putting us in an advantageous position to tackle multidisciplinary engineering challenges”, said Gerson Garsed-Brand, Managing Director of Sabe Fluid Dynamics.

“By working together, OxCam Engineering Arc can answer larger and more challenging engineering questions in an flexible and agile environment. Working together makes us and our clients stronger!”, said Mike Lewis, Managing Director of FTS Engineering Answers

About Transforming Stress:

Transforming Stress Limited is an engineering consultancy providing a stress analysis service, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and guidance for the safe design and operation of components and structures. The company is contributing expertise to national professional bodies and supporting the creation of standardisation for the safe operation of structures operating under extreme conditions. Transforming Stress staff have operated in a diverse consultancy environment for nearly three decades and can supply expertise for a broad range of component types with applications in many industries. Transforming Stress Limited staff are NAFEMS Advanced level Professional Simulation Engineers (PSE).

About FTS Engineering Answers:

FTS Engineering Answers is an independent engineering service provider. Our objective is to provide Engineering Answers to your Engineering questions. We work across industries and across disciplines and where necessary use our extensive network to bring in specialist expertise as required. Subsequently, we are able to answer those questions that others find difficult. Our focus is our Clients, and we look to build long term relationships. This requires work of high quality and high integrity.

About Sabe Fluid Dynamics:

Sabe Fluid Dynamics offers specialist engineering consultancy services in the fields of thermal and fluid dynamics. We are based in Oxfordshire and have many years’ experience working on the many aspects of the development of applications within these fields, covering design, computational simulations, experimental tests, performance analysis and correlation. We pride ourselves in providing objective services. Our broad experience allows us to employ a holistic approach for problem-solving, building solutions which are fit for purpose, avoiding overcomplex and overly expensive processes.