For over six months Sabe has been providing aerodynamics development support to RogersEV in the proof of concept stage of their disruptive rotor technology. As part of the ongoing relationship, this week Sabe has been invited to take part in their presentation for a NATEP project review panel in Farnborough.

RogersEVis seeking funding for the development of a full-scale physical prototype of their Rim Driven Advanced Electric Propulsion System which maximises the advantages of electrification and returns significant efficiency gains compared to conventional designs.

NATEP – National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme is a UK wide initiative supporting small and medium-sized companies in the aerospace supply chain to develop innovative technologies, working in collaboration with others and supported by higher tier companies. This will enhance their ability to win new businesses with existing customers and diversify their customer base.

Please visit Rogers EV’s website to find out more about their technology: