Predictive Tools – CFD

In the last week's article, we discussed predictive tools used for aerodynamic development. This week we will talk about CFD applied to motorsport aerodynamics. CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics; it is vastly used in motorsport to support the evaluation of...

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Predictive tools – Wind Tunnel

Following on from several articles discussing the various elements affecting the aerodynamic performance of a race car, we will now discuss predictive tools used for aerodynamic development, starting with Wind Tunnel. Wind tunnels have been used for several decades as...

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Increased efficiency through processes and tools

Alongside our knowledge of fluid dynamics, our team focuses on improving process and data analysis to increase development efficiency.  The four main aspects of this are: automation data structure analysis tools cloud computing One of the best things a department can...

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Upcoming series: Aerodynamics Development in Motorsport

Our team at Sabe have many years of experience working with the various aspects of aerodynamics development in motorsports. Next week we will be launching a series of regular articles on this theme; we will discuss what makes a racing car fast from an aerodynamics...

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